New York Pool Management Services

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Residential Pool Services in NY

Our Residential Pool Service is reliable and thorough.

Our Residential Pool Service includes:

  • Emptying your baskets
  • Cleaning the pool by net
  • Checking the operation of your equipment
  • Vacuuming and backwashing when necessary
  • Checking your automatic cleaning system if applicable
  • Testing chemical levels
  • Balancing the chemicals
  • Brushing the sides and steps of the pool
  • Making sure your gate is secured
  • Ensure all ladders handrails diving boards and slides are secure and safe
  • And More!!!

Our staff is professionally trained so you don't have to worry about your pool water or equipment. Any problems found are reported to you immediately.

Please Note: The water level is crucial to the proper operation of the pool. It is the responsibility of the resident to monitor and fill the pool to proper level.

We will inform you if there is a need for more water or if we see a trend starting to develop.

Service Calls Include: (Weekly)

Complete cleaning and maintenance service for residential and commercial pools is provided on a weekly basis.

  • Professional vacuuming,
  • Empty and clean all skimmer boxes,
  • Balance chemicals,
  • Ensure
  • Chlorinator is functional and full,
  • Professional cleaning of filter systems

**Weekly service calls start at $65.00. Chemicals are not included.

Season Opening:

  • Remove and store safety cover
  • Secure all safety cover anchors
  • Remove all plugs and drain anti-freeze from skimmers
  • Raise water to proper levels
  • Reassemble filter, heater and pump systems
  • Remove any debris from pool
  • Professional Vacuum
  • Install handrails, ladders, slides and diving boards
  • Add chemicals to properly balance water
  • Ignition of pilot light on heater(s) *if applicable

Season Closing:

  • Professional vacuum
  • Drain water below skimmer line
  • Blow out water from all lines
  • Add anti-freeze to all skimmer boxes
  • Plug all return and skimmer lines
  • Remove all handrails, ladders, slides and diving boards
  • Winterize filters, heaters, chlorinators and pump
  • Add winterization chemicals to pool water
  • Raise safety cover anchors
  • Install Safety cover

For full residential pool services, request a proposal.

Things You Can Do Between Visits

Dirt and debris will consume chemicals and can stain the pool. Therefore, removal of leaves, debris and dirt as soon as possible with a good cleaning is a must.

Observe your pool often and give attention as necessary to these other important cleaning tasks: Keep pump and skimmer baskets clean - a clogged basket restricts filtration.

Keep water level up - don't allow it to go below skimmer opening. Optimum level is ½ way up the skimmer opening.

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